Non-Profit Managed IT Support and IT Services

Non-ProfitIn 2008, our very first client was a non-profit. Since then, we’ve gone on to support and manage many more non-profit organization’s technology needs. You believe in creating a better world through the services provided by your organization, and we want to do everything we can to help you support that vision.

Scaling your non-profit with technology and service

We work with you to define the needs and expectations for your operations and growth. Then we will work together to vision cast, and plan to streamline the IT planning from both a cost and growth perspective, providing any needed technical support along the way.

100% company growth with only 30% increase in overall IT costs

Here is one great example where we have assisted a non-profit with  a major growth challenge. Our client was already a fairly sizable organizations of 200+ employees, that has currently doubled in size withing a short 1.5 year time-frame. By pre-planning their growth strategy from an IT management perspective, we were able to minimize the overhead associated with their expansion, while facilitating the addition resource needs.   In the end their total IT costs only increased roughly 30% while doubling the total number of employees, and adding 20+ new locations.

Cutting non-profit costs with smart technology planning and acquisition strategies

Another big area for potential cost savings is in hardware and software acquisition. We work with all major distributors and vendors to take advantage of the many donation and discount programs available to 401.3(c) charitable non-profit organizations.

If you are a non-profit looking for an IT Company that cares about your success, and will go above an beyond to help you succeed, please give us a call at 877.777.6855.