Life After a Malware Attack

Let’s talk about malware. Malware is a piece of malicious (hence “malware”) software designed enter your system or device and cause harm, and often steal information. If you don’t have a great firewall in place, they can easily infiltrate your … Read More

Are You Hackable?

Even the average computer contains information hackers consider to be valuable: bank account and credit card data, PayPal information, your operating system license key, online gaming currency, and more; and of course this problem replicates with your email contacts once … Read More

How to Catch a Virus

Most of us have been there. You open up what looks like a seemingly harmless email and click on the attachment only to witness near-immediate file corruptions; and once it hits your company’s server, chaos and terror rain down on Read More

File-Sharing Security: Where to Start

Keeping Your Files Safe When Sharing Externally

File sharing happens all day, every day as users exchange information. As a small business, it it is critical to implement file-sharing protocols that protect your privacy—and the privacy of your clients. Unsafe … Read More

Protecting Your Business Against a DDoS Attack

Distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) are malicious attempts to disrupt access to a server or network resource by flooding a targeted system with traffic, making it unavailable.

DDoS attacks prevent legitimate visitors from reaching your site, and network outages can negatively … Read More

Is Your Company’s Data Safe?

Optimizing Data Security for Your Business

With cyber attacks all over the news lately, you may find yourself wondering just how safe your company’s data is. While no server is 100% impenetrable, Dropbox’s head of security, Patrick Heim, has seen … Read More