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Airplay Mirror Your Older Mac or PC with AirParrot


Over the last couple of years we’ve seen more businesses utilizing Apple TV in the conference room. You can’t beat the $99 price tag for a quick and easy way to broadcast presentations, demonstrations, and meeting agendas wirelessly to your TV or Projector from your Mac. Unfortunately if your Mac […]

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Allow me to re-introduce – Web Design!


Hello, I’m Russell Makruski and I’d like to introduce myself as the new in-house web designer and developer at Bitboyz. From here on out you can look to Bitboyz as your partner in building and strengthening your business’s identity on the web. That being said, here are a few interesting […]

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The Heartbleed Bug: Is My Data Safe?


During the last few days, the Heartbleed bug has caused widespread panic concerning the safety of transmitting and storing sensitive data over the internet. What is the Heartbleed Bug? HeartbleedĀ is a security flaw discovered by security firm Codenomicon and members of Google Security. It’s found in OpenSSL, which is used […]

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Say Goodbye to Windows XP

Windows XP April 8th 2014

Today, April 8th 2014, Microsoft is officially ending support for their Windows XP operating system. This means Microsoft will no longer be providing technical support and security updates for the worlds longest supported OS. What does this mean if you are still running Windows XP? By continuing to use Windows […]

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