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IT and HIPAA Compliance

Bitboyz is now offering managed HIPAA compliance for Healthcare and other covered entities. Find out more at

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Malware… Coming Soon to an Android Phone Near You!

Cell Phone Malware

There have been a plethora of news stories lately about the increasing threat of computer viruses and malware. One computer attack that has been getting a lot of press lately is called Cryptolocker, in which a Trojan attacks a computer that is running Microsoft Windows. The Cryptolocker malware then encrypts […]

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10 Top Web Design and Development Tools I Use


We all have tools to help improve workflow. Whether you are a veteran looking for new ideas to approach your design and development problems or you’re a student trying to find some cool tools to help get your designs off the ground, browser extensions and web apps can save you […]

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The Best Apple Support for Businesses?

apple and microsoft

It’s 2014 and I’m still surprised to see with a strong adoption of Apple’s platforms, that there isn’t a lot of competition in the Apple Support area of business IT Support providers. If you do find one, they usually don’t perform well in mixed platform environments (Apple and Microsoft). So, […]

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