Right brains and left brains. Thinking together.

We’re creative thinkers. We’re technical experts. When we collaborate, some pretty amazing things happen for our clients, because the one thing we all have in common is a passion for your success.

The Bitboyz Team

Jeff Dennis


As our head honcho, Jeff pilots the company’s vision and direction. Jeff is also actively involved in our clients’ day-to-day business, leading the development of marketing strategies and creative executions.

    Devon Frysinger

    IT Project Manager

    Devon is our technical lead and has quite a knack for finding the right solutions to our clients’ business challenges. Always up on the latest industry trends, Devon is the go-to guy for new and innovative tech solutions.

      Russ Makruski

      Creative Director

      Russ is the creative visionary behind all of our digital marketing endeavors. With experience in strategy development, website development, and video production, Russ brings a unique perspective to the clients we serve.

        Russ Taylor

        Managed Services Director

        Russ’s goal is to make sure our clients’ business technology is running smoothly day in and day out. We found our customers seem to appreciate that.

          Bryan Zinser

          Network Engineer

          Bryan is a multi-platform guru, and lover of Linux. You'll find him working on virtual server roll-outs, and Cisco Routers at home, just for fun.

            Christian O’Neill

            Customer Support

            Christian is most likely the first technician helping our customers with their day to day needs. He has a passion for playing and writing music, and plays guitar in a Worship band at his church.

              Micaela Wilson

              Service Coordinator

              Micaela is our customer advocate, handling the day-to-day communication between our clients and our staff. She's also passionate about missionary work, photography, and videography. So, you might even find her backing up our creative team from time to time.

                Robert Cop

                Internet Meme

                Robert is our resident technology connoisseur and key blogger. He's also an infamous internet meme. Next time you call in, don't forget to drop one of Robert's favorite tag lines, "I'll be back!".