Exploring Virtual Teams

The way businesses are organized has changed as technology has grown. We regularly see companies reorganizing their teams into virtual teams, often known as geographically dispersed teams (GDT). This allows people in different countries to collaborate on a single project.

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What is a QR Code

QR codes have been appearing in more and more environments of late. Maybe you’ve seen them on the side of buses, on posters, in magazines, or even on business cards.  These sophisticated bar codes were first implemented to track car

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Stay Connected, Stay Sane

Technology has advanced to a place that allows for constant connectivity. Getting a hold of someone is as easy (and as impersonal) as sending a simple text message.   Regardless of where we go, as long as we have a smartphone

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Tablets Take Root running a business

After years of expectation and premature announcements, the tablet revolution is finally here. And it’s maturing: the groundbreaking fervor is now sweeping business.


That’s right, business. It turns out that these gadgets are more than just shiny toys for

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The future determined by spam

Spammers made lots of money during the early days of the Internet. However, if some tech-savvy delinquent thought to earn some extra money via spam on today’s Internet, they might want to think about a new line of work. The

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What is the Internet

Sometimes the most basic questions are the hardest to answer.


For example: What is the Internet?


Um … it’s that thing we can’t imagine living without. It’s how we work, buy stuff, watch videos, communicate, share memories, conduct

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